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Real People. Real Moments. Exceptional Celebrations. 

Born and raised in Germany, and having traveled extensively throughout both Europe and the United States, she is passionate about documenting the beauty that is effortlessly found in everyday people, places and things. Even the subtlest of details have always caught her attention.

Masked as a simple hobby, her craft was actually a deep pursuit of documenting moments and instilling memories. Overtime, this passion grew and manifested into a career enabling her to share this gift with the world on their most celebrated milestones.

Meet Julia

The Artist

As an artist, Julia understands that beautiful things are memorable things and her clients couldn’t agree more. They value that she not only documents one of the most important chapters in their lives, but also does so in a way that leaves them enamored by every detail of their own story.

Each couple looks present in their films because their emotions are real. Julia’s films always depict the exceptional celebrations of real people feeling real love.

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