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Real People. Real Moments. Exceptional Celebrations. 

Born and raised in Germany, Julia has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States, developing a profound appreciation for capturing the beauty in everyday people, places, and moments. Her attention to even the smallest details sets her work apart.

What began as a simple hobby soon revealed itself as a deeper passion for documenting moments and preserving memories. Over time, this passion evolved into a career, allowing her to share her unique perspective during some of life's most cherished milestones.

Julia Kentner

The Artist

As an artist, Julia understands the importance of creating lasting memories through her work. Her clients appreciate that she not only captures significant moments in their lives but does so in a way that allows them to relive what it felt like to be there.

Julia's films beautifully portray her clients in their most authentic and heartfelt moments, whether tender and sweet or wild and spirited. Her work consistently showcases the essence of real celebrations and the genuine love shared by the families involved.

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